Through my research, I knew I wanted something
that went back to CH. O'PR-Codakan Cast in
Bronze, at the time the All-Time winningest bitch in
the history of the breed. And as fate would have it
Cathy owned a Cassie daughter. And as luck
would have it she was planning on breeding her to CH. Sondaisa's
Rogue River, who just so happend to be my favorite dog in the breed.
That breeding produced our CH. Ridge, and the rest, as they say,​ is history.

RidgeDale Akitas - Tommy, Casie, Taylor, Jenna, Trenton and Brock Miller. We are located in Collierville, TN just east of Memphis. At RidgeDale Akitas we believe it is possible to have it all, and our goal is to breed Akitas of sound health, temperament, structure and type... a VERSATILE Akita that can excel in both the show ring and the home.  
My obsession with the Akita breed started in 2002 when I saw my first Akita in person. I have always loved dogs but after seeing the beauty and presence the Akita possesses first hand I was hooked. The more I began to research the breed's personality the more and more drawn to the Akita I became. My research of the breed and breeders lasted about 2 years before I attended my first dog show. That show is where I met Cathy Suggs ofPyramid Akitas, and was bitten by the dog show bug.
RidgeDale  Akitas
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