Crazy Sadie, as we call her, is a Lab/Catahoula mix. She is the most high energy dog I have ever met. She lives to fetch a tennis ball and play catch with the Frisbee. She is play, play, play 24/7.  At 6 months old she jumped 17' 1"  in our first Big Air event at the Jonesboro, AR Splash Down. In October of 2005, at a 1 & 1/2 years old, she won the Amateur Division at the Ducks Unlimited Super Fly here in Memphis with a jump of 22' 6". She went on to finish 4th in the Pro Division with a jump of 21' 9". Sadie and Casie have recently added Agility to their resumes. Having only been training for a couple of months Casie and Sadie qualified in Jumpers and Gamblers divisions at the USDAA Agility Trials at the ShowCase of Dogs in Memphis, TN 2008. If Sadie has any say in it we will compete in many more events to come.